M’Illumino di Meno (I Use Less Energy) 2017 is sharing

M’illumino di Meno (I Use Less Energy) is back on 24th february 2017 and this year is in its 13th edition.

We have succeeded in turning off the lights of the most important monuments of Italy and Europe over these years, as symbol for energy saving.

We started this when attention towards environmental issues was not so widespread and now, after 13 years, taking care of our planet is more and more compelling for the safety of everyone.

Energy challenge changes every year and so does M’illumino di Meno, which grows thanks to hundreds of thousands supporters who get involved and take action.

M’illumino di Meno renews the invitation to turn off the lights in squares, private and public lightings on the 24th of February.

This year we are also inviting everyone to share and do a real gesture of energy saving.

It has been proved that the greatest energy loss is caused by the waste of resources in our every day energy use: food, trasports, communication. For this reason, Caterpillar’s new campaing is called #CondiVivo (Share & Live).

You can take part in many ways: by giving a lift to your colleagues, sharing a dinner with your neighbours in your block, opening your wifi network to your neighbourhood or by just sharing your resources, it stops the waste and helps socializing.

We are addressing, like every year, to every institution at every level, to cultural and sports associations, to schools of every grade and especially to every single citizen: M’illumino di Meno is above all a feast day for energy open to creativity.

This year our proposal to School and to the world of Childhood is to play and imagine an energy saving superhero, while we suggest to the world of Sports to mobilize and organize activities, because the energy we produce when we do sports with our bodies is the cleanest as it does not pollute.

For years, involvement to M’illumino di Meno has been growing extraordinarily and now it’s time to let this popular feast become a real event and a fixture: we are proposing to insitute the Italian National Day for Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles.

Let’s just wish you a happy M’illumino di Meno.


M’illumino di Meno 2017 is SHARING
(Share & Live)

24th of February is the Day for Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles.

Let’s turn off the lights and light up the energy of sharing.

You can share your car to go to work.

You can share your bike and your route.

You can start using bike or car sharing service.

You can share your food, by cooking and having meals together, at home or around the city.

You can share your tools: your drill, your kitchenware, your hoover, your lawnmower or laundry machine.

You can share your house, by hosting or swapping your couch or sleeping bag.

You can share your wifi: open up your network to your neighbours!

You can share your know-how: I can hang your picture, I can teach you Spanish, I can fix your bike wheel.

You can share your knowledge lending a book or a newspaper.

You can share sports: run together, cycle, swim, exercise and sweat together.

You can share your telescope and look at the stars, they’re more beautiful with the lights out. And the sky is there for everyone.

You can share anything. You can share some time. In silence. You can talk and listen.

Every sharing action means enery saving.
Sharing brings energy saving.
Sharing is good for you.
I Share, therefore I Live. / I Share and Live


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