Support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016:
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Caterpillar, a Rai Radio2 programme, nominates the bicycle as a very special candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016.

The programme, hosted by Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti, supports the most popular two-wheeler’s candidacy for the next Peace Prize.

A symbolic relay will deliver the candidacy to The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, in Oslo, in February 2016.

The bicycle is an instrument of peace.
It’s the most democratic means of transportion for all mankind, it does not cause wars and pollution, it decreases car accidents.

Rai Radio2 and its audience are wishing to achieve this goal.
On a two-wheeler, of course.


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76 thoughts on “Bike The Nobel

  1. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016

  2. Un iniativo fantastico e molto positivo, ma perche la communicazione con voi funziona cosi male?
    Per favore non mancare questa opportunita

  3. Biking is an unparalleled and egalitarian joy. It allows one to engage with the planet while honoring it.

  4. Great idea, the bicycle is one of the best ever inventions and a wonderful way to keep healthy while saving you time, money – and the planet ☺

  5. I’m a big fan of this. If everyone cycled more and drove less the world would be happier, safer, healthier and richer. What’s not to like?

  6. The humble bike has done more to build a good and peaceful world than all the treaties ever written.

  7. The bicycle facilitates efficient , healthy and non polluting travel . Active travel.
    I wholeheartedly agree with all the points expressed within the petition.

  8. i think this is a great idea and i support it.
    (i just don’t understand how to get my details accepted onto your petition.)

  9. What a simply splendid suggestion! May your idea be taken up by the Committee.

  10. I really do believe the bike
    (Something that I really like)
    Deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize:
    Through its use, well, noone dies.
    B is its Bell, which emits friendly warning
    I , Independence , for young it is spawning
    K is for Knowledge gained of our environment
    E is for exercise, from youth to retirement!

  11. When you are cycling together you are in harmony, you are not pushing people aside but riding alongside – get out of your cars and interact wit your fellow humans.

  12. Bicycles make the world a better place for all the reasons put forward.

  13. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016, a more valuable player in our society I cannot imagine.

  14. I have enjoyed seeing more beautiful English and Welsh countryside on my mountain bike than I would have managed by walking. It is a special thing that brings joy and health to my life. Everyone should have the chance to cycle in a safe environment. It is so much better for our planet than choking it in smog. Long Live the Nobel Bike!

  15. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. More bicycles, more peace.

  16. The bicycle has been my friend for the last thirty five years : a source of joy and friendship with other human beings. It has been faithful in its service to my requirements. It has never caused hostility.

  17. The bicycle has been my friend always, giving me joy and friendship with other human beings. It has been faithful in fulfilling all my requirements and never caused any hostility.

  18. Science still can’t explain exactly how the bicycle works.
    It costs nothing but a little food to propel.
    It neither pollutes the air nor congests the roads.
    It protects riders from costly lifestyle diseases
    Yet it is humble – and noble. Indeed, it deserves the Nobel.

  19. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016

  20. Dear Guys,
    This is actually one of the best ideas I’ve heard in the last couple of years.
    Marc van der Aart
    New York / Amsterdam

  21. Great to see the mention on the BBC site! Considering there are more bicycles than inhabitants in the Netherlands you may want to explore additional ways to get the Dutch to sign up on this great initiative

  22. Rarely have a I ssen a bike rider suffer road rage. Bus drivers can be quite quiet. Taxi drivers, Hmm. Car drivers, their tempers are a danger to others as well as their bad driving.

  23. Make car ownership painful for all social groups so that bicycle use becomes a necessity.

  24. I’m fascinated with this fantastic proposal Caterpillar’s radio programme has thought. I’m going to spread the project among my bikers circle in Seville, south of Spain. Even more, I’ll treat to participate in Spanish radio programmes to encourage people to support and sign this dream.
    Besides it, while we are celebrating the very recent Climate deal agreement, an historical event, it’s clear that giving the Nobel prize to bicycles all over the world, will add healthy energy to deal with the ecological problem of global warming. I’m a teacher at the Faculty of Communication in the University of Seville and will spread this loved project among the students. Big hug for organizers and feel you have got a collaborator.

  25. Hi,
    good idea!
    Wish to have all the “Sign the form online” translate in English minimun.

  26. Not providing for the bicycle means that I pay extra each month to get to work, and get less exercise for it. Not providing for the bicycle means that my grandmothers, too old to drive, sat at home watching the world go by instead of being able to join the world as it goes by. Not providing for the bicycle means that kids lose their freedom, and instead are part of an obesity epidemic. It means traffic jams, pollution and longer waits in the rain. Let’s give the bicycle the reward it deserves.

  27. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. I’ve ridden since I was 8 im now 48 and its the best part of my life it always makes me feel happy no matter how stressed a or bad life is.

  28. Brilliant campaign appealing to everyone everywhere who’s ever experienced the simple joy of pedaling a bike!

  29. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 (UK)

  30. I support the candicy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. The bicycle will help us to achieve transportation without fossil fuels as has been agreed on in Paris this past week.

  31. I strongly support the bicycle for candidacy of the Nobel prize!
    Bicycles are clean vehicles. They empower people every day. They get people from point A to point B in a clean, peacful, healthy way.
    Thank you!

  32. The bicycle is clean, quiet, environmentally friendly, efficient and healthy: a beautiful means of transport. I support its candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize

  33. I think this is a wonderful idea and deserves to be recognised.

  34. Brilliant idea – cycling is good for people and the planet. Hope you win and help make cycling even more popular.

  35. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the nobel prize.

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