Support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016:
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Caterpillar, a Rai Radio2 programme, nominates the bicycle as a very special candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016.

The programme, hosted by Massimo Cirri and Sara Zambotti, supports the most popular two-wheeler’s candidacy for the next Peace Prize.

A symbolic relay will deliver the candidacy to The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, in Oslo, in February 2016.

The bicycle is an instrument of peace.
It’s the most democratic means of transportion for all mankind, it does not cause wars and pollution, it decreases car accidents.

Rai Radio2 and its audience are wishing to achieve this goal.
On a two-wheeler, of course.


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76 thoughts on “Bike The Nobel


  2. Yes to Nobel Prize for ‘The bicycle’ in 2016

    L Romero

  3. Grande iniziativa approvo totalmente questa genialita

  4. A wonderful idea. Does not harm the environment. Is good for human health.

  5. There is nothing more peaceful, and noble, than to ride a bicycle EVERYWHERE, and to support a CAR-FREE LIFESTYLE, as I have done for the past 20 years of my entire adult life! This is why the BICYCLE should receive the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize!!!!!!! Thank you very much for making this happen!!!!!!!

  6. The bicycle belongs to the world and is the most environmentally friendly transportation available to all people. I bicycle year round in Canada and encourage more people to enjoy the lifestyle of a cyclist. I support the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. I join my vote and support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Price 2016.

  8. Hell, if Obamy is worthy then the bicycle certainly is.

  9. Hi,everyone,my name is weixuan zhang ,I come from Nanjing CHINA,I am a freshman in nanjing normal university.I like bicycle very much.I have a specialized stumpjumper and a giant xtc.I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 successfully.

  10. Io uso la bici tutto l’anno, non posso farne a meno. La bici non ha nessun divieto ed è divertente pedalare. Ciao a tutti.

  11. I support the candidacy of the bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016.

  12. Cycling, the bicycle, defines life itself: Take deep breathes and constantly go forward. So, the Nobel
    Prize deserves to be on two wheels.

  13. The humble bicycle is a true leveller of man & woman. Eco friendly & cheap.

  14. The bike improves the quality of life of all citizens of the world.

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