Dear friends of the Big Salt of Mobile (salone Big Salt) (salino Little Salt) that every year come to Milan

i write you this mail for say you thanks.

In this period the city is full of people and our hotel, appartment, monolocals, room, bed and scantinaites is fully booked. This is very good opportunity for our economy and this for that i’m apologize if just today there is the strike of the half, (sciopero dei mezzi).


I know that for you it’s a problem and for us a little figure of shit.

I hope, with all my heart, that the machinist and controllors have a good reason but now we can do anithing. Anyway, you can use the taxi, but if the taxist isn’t occupied to litigate with Uber driver.

Also you can take a car sharing, but make attention to not forget the phone inside because sometimes happened and i know that wery well.

In the end (infine) you can use the bike, but also there (anche qui), big attention to the rails of the tram. It’s easy to fall down on the pavè.

I want to ririthank you for the patience and i’m sorry for my bad english but i’m not from Milan, i’m a simply boy of country. I came from Piacenza, a little town on the Emily way, where the mobile is in salone, the kitchen is in cucina and the salame is in cantina.

Forever your

Mr. Paolo from Piacenza



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